Customer Support


DIMO Software support does not end with the implementation of your solution! We are committed over time to support you in the daily use of our software. This is why we offer various customer services: help desk with Support DIMO, service packs, third-party application maintenance (TPAM)…


A team of technicians, specialized by business unit, support you when the solutions we publish and distribute are deployed. DIMO Software’s customer support is more than just a hotline: a real added value to keep your software in operational conditions. Our quality of service is recognized and chosen by our customers: 96% of them renew their maintenance contract every year (retention rate). In addition, our NPS (Net Promoter Score) is 71. Most of our customers recommend DIMO Software’s customer support (source: 2014 DIMO Software’s satisfaction survey).


For maximum reactivity, DIMO Software has developed Support DIMO, the extranet dedicated to our customers. Each user or administrator of the solutions published or distributed by DIMO Software can therefore create support requests online at Support DIMO is essential to monitor the support request (creation and processing:

  • customized service through a detailed knowledge of your history and environment,
  • Online access 24h a day and 7 days a week,
  • Real-time monitoring of the processing of your requests (e-mail delivery, operation report…).


Depending on the solutions, DIMO Software’s teams offer different complementary services for tailored help desk and optimum operational follow up:

  • Tick’helps : sold in the form of books of 5, 10, or 20 tickets, tick’helps allow you to benefit from one-off services, which are not in the scope of the maintenance or of the project (workstation installation, setup of new data…). These services can help you develop your solution at a lower cost.
  • Remote control for quicker and easier interventions
  • Flash training : you wish to benefit from a quick training on precise functionalities of your solution? Do not hesitate to request our training catalogues, which detail the different training offered.
  • Third-party application maintenance : the third-party application maintenance allows you to have a DIMO Software’s contact dedicated to the administration of your system, which will regularly perform various tasks and controls. In touch with your internal teams, he/she will provide technical support, make developments and custom setups. He will be able to advise you on the releases of new versions and on reversibility (software change).
  • Tranquility, SUN, or Blue packs : used in a one-off manner (for instance to deal with absences) or for a lengthy period, these services can release you from managing your solution. Depending on the service selected, you benefit from a preventive support, specific developments, regular controls carried out by our teams…