DIMO Software acquires CashOnTime, the credit and collection software and accelerates its international development


Limonest, July, 4th 2016 – Second acquisition of the year for DIMO Software. Following the acquisition of Apisoft International, specializing in CMMS – Maintenance Management, at the beginning of 2016, DIMO Software is now pleased to announce the acquisition of the CashOnTime solution. After having been the distributor of CashOnTime in France over the last few years, DIMO Software now becomes the editor of the CashOnTime solution, dedicated to cashflow optimization in the area of credit and collection.


An unparalleled solution on the market

In 2012, to meet the strong demand of its clients, DIMO Software reached out across the Atlantic Ocean to discover the CashOnTime solution and had then decided to become the distributor of the solution in France. « Very quickly we have been seduced by CashOnTime, declares Valérie Konarski, Director, Finance Business Unit at DIMO Software, because this solution offers innovative and unparalleled features on the market. CashOnTime perfectly meets the requirements of Credit Managers who need to better structure the management of their receivables, to significantly reduce their collection time and costs, to involve colleagues throughout the company to resolve disputes,…».
In just 4 years, DIMO Software has achieved remarkable commercial success with CashOnTime in France, earning the confidence of more than 30 clients (Arkadin, Sewan Communication, Groupe Bulteau, Groupe Moniteur, Best Western, BVA, Scutum…). In parallel, Adrenaline, the editor of CashOnTime, has achieved the development of the CashOnTime solution and has solidly implemented CashOnTime on the North American


market. «Over these years, Adrenaline and DIMO Software have built a very strong business relationship and are a perfect match» stresses Jean-Paul Genoux, Managing Director at DIMO Software. « The DIMO Software Team has been heavily involved in the development of the CashOnTime solution and the collaboration with Adrenaline Team has a perfectly well suited solution for both the French and the North American markets. This is how DIMO Software came with the idea of switching roles, having DIMO Software become the editor and Adrenaline become the North American distributor.

«This transformation of DIMO Software and Adrenaline partnership model will strenghten the position of both companies and will allow both companies to maximize the commercial potential of the CashOnTime solution » explains Michel Vincent, President of Adrenaline. Adrenaline is the obvious strategic partner for DIMO Software to commercialize the CashOnTime solution in North America.


International aspirations

«The acquisition of the CashOnTime solution comes with great ambitions » is adding the Managing Director of DIMO Software. « We will capitalize on our know-how as a software editor and grow the CashOnTime development Team which will remain in Montreal. The idea is to build on the tremendous work achieved by Adrenaline Team by further developing the CashOnTime solution and by keep on adding innovative ideas. We strongly believe in the CashOnTime solution, we will leverage our network of distributors and position CashOnTime as a market leading solution. This acquisition represents a strategic opportunity to grow DIMO Software in France and internationally».


A complete Business To Cash Offer

By becoming the editor of the CashOnTime solution, DIMO Software will be able to increase the convergence with GEC Vision solution, its cash application automation solution. « By editing CashOnTime and GEC Vision, we cover the full ″Business To Cash″ process for the benefit of our clients. » stresses Valérie Konarski. « We allow them to eliminate manual tasks and to focus on more strategic and added value tasks. Focus on the essential is DIMO Software core business.