About us


With more than 20 years of expertise, DIMO Software has established itself as a major player in the publishing, distribution and integration of management solutions in the Cloud.

To date, we have more than 410 employees, including sales engineers, consultants, planning managers, support technicians and developers, who meet the demands of the 6,000 customers who trust us.

Our spirit of software innovation and our personalized support has attracted small and large companies in all sectors of activity in France and in 83 other countries.

1 M€

Our revenue of €41.5m in 2018, our constant growth and the expansion of our offices in France, China, Spain and Canada are proof of our success

Our values

And because a company is nothing without its values, we put innovation and ethics at the heart of our activity, which allows us to preserve our status as a responsible pioneer:



  • Listening carefully to our 6,000 customers, particularly through user clubs

  • Design of reliable solutions, in permanent adequacy with the needs of our customers

  • Anticipation and adaptation to technological developmentss
>> One objective: to guarantee the excellence of our products and services



  • Meeting commitmentss

  • Integrity, loyalty, honesty

  • Respect des autres

  • WIN / WIN relationship

>> Proximity, trust, commitment

Our history

Our story begins in 1995, when 6 colleagues from Lyon became partners in a new adventure, that of Dimo Gestion. They had the idea of creating the Notilus solution for expense management, which immediately met with great success. Two years, it took them time to set up in Paris as well.

Then comes the creation of a multitude of innovative solutions : CRM, business analytics, accounting entry. The company exported internationally by opening its doors in Madrid, Milan, Toronto in 2011 and Kuala-Lumpur in 2019.

Then, during its 20 years of existence, Dimo Gestion radically reinvented itself by taking the name Dimo Software and changing its visual identity. This renewal was accompanied by a desire to continue to innovate in the service of our customers.

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